5 Must Have Gifts On Your Christmas List For 2020

Christmas is coming! It's time to start shopping for the holidays.

Whether you're shopping early or making last-minute trips to the store, you probably find yourself stuck getting the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list. Still, you know you want to get them the best Christmas gifts possible.

But how are you supposed to predict the best Christmas gifts in 2020? Never fear: We've got you covered with 5 Must-Have Gifts On Your Christmas List In 2020!

Festive Bracelet Featuring Christmas Light Charms - 

Festive christmas bracelet - Santaland

Starting at the top of our Christmas List is a Santaland Favorite, our own Festive Christmas Bracelet.

We love that each of these bracelets is handmade in the USA. Each and every glitter-covered Christmas light bulb charm was done by hand and attached only after careful inspection.

For the affordable price of $20, which comes with free shipping, it's not hard to see why this takes the #1 Spot on our 5 Must-Have Gifts On Your Christmas List!

A Pair Of Magnetic Bracelets For Couples -

magnetic couples bracelet, blue - OurCoordinates

We have heard so much about these little magnetic bracelets in the last month that there is no way we could leave them off this list!

Each purchase comes as a set of 2 charm bracelets that magnetically connect when you hold hands with your other half.

With another very affordable price tag of $24 for the pair, we think this bracelet set is the perfect little gift for couples this Christmas!

Clean Access Key - A Germ-Resistant Key Tool Perfect For Stockings!

Clean Access Key, Brass - Santaland

This cool little keychain tool popped up in the last 6 months or so during the worldwide pandemic!

This Keychain Multitool combines tons of features such as;

  • A Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • A Soft Tip Stylus Pen For Touchscreens
  • A 2 Inch Ruler
  • A Bottle Cap Opener
  • A Hook To Open Doors Without Actually Touching Them
  • A Button Pusher For Crosswalks, Gas Station Buttons, & Pinpads

WOW! That's a lot of utility packed into a pocket tool easily carried on your keyring!

What's even better about this incredible tool is the $18 Price tag making it another super affordable gift for anyone who often works with their hands!

Personalized Name Necklace -

Bar name necklace from OurCoordinates - Santaland

We absolutely love these cute vertical bar pendant necklaces by OurCoordinates!

We love how they do their engraving. With up to four sides to have engraved, you can fit a lot onto such a small, simple necklace. With that flexibility, you can really get personal.

Include a date on side 1, a name on side 2, side 3 the coordinates to a favorite location, & Finish side 4 with a famous symbol or icon. That's how we did ours when we made our first purchase!

Coming in at a slightly higher price than the previous gifts, we still think this is a pretty affordable gift at $47 because you get such a personal item handmade!

Greek Inspired Evil Eye T-Shirt -

greek inspired evil eye t-shirt - Santaland

We are finishing up our list with a popular theme in Greece, The Evil Eye!

I took a trip to Santorini, Greece, in the past and this symbol of an onlooking eye was everywhere! 

I saw the Evil Eye symbol in every single store I walked into. Get this awesome Greek-inspired T-Shirt From Dryp Factory.

The cool glaring T-shirt is on sale for a low price of just $25! Making it another very affordable pick on our 5 Must-Have Gifts On Your 2020 Christmas List!

That Wraps Up Our List For Christmas 2020!

I hope I sparked some exciting options for your shopping list this year!

Do you have something you think we should have added to this list? Leave us a comment, and if we agree, you may just see it appear in a future update to the 2020 Christmas List!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays,

- Mr. Claus, Santaland